Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I’m Parvati,

A Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher and Wiccan High Priestess. These are the disciplines that work together to create the magical combination of Sacred Empowerment Mentoring.

It is my mission to help you tune into the Goddess inside of you and have unshakable faith in yourself.

Through my divine guidance and your commitment to yourself, you will reveal the magic within and live a life full of love, light and epic adventures.

Where It Began…

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring was developed from my own personal healing journey. In 2000, I was diagnosed with debilitating chronic pain. At the time, I was living an extremely stressful lifestyle, had low self-esteem and was in an abusive marriage. My world was crumbling right in front of me.

Traditional western medicine was unable to help me. I was experiencing panic attacks, migraines and depression. And the thought of staying in my marriage any longer filled me with fear. I knew I had to free myself from this suffering. So that is what I did.

This is when I made the decision to look for healing.

I was led to a doctor who practiced alternative medicine and added yoga and meditation into my day. These practices helped me manage my chronic pain, reconnect with my loving soul and discover my spiritual gifts.

I had returned to my divine natural state, transformed into a fiercely self-empowered woman who loves to empower others!

This experience taught me that we as humans are meant to live a life of love, joy and peace. But to do so we must journey through the shadows that we’ve been hiding from. By facing the dark, you will access the light, and the most brilliant and vibrant parts of yourself will awaken.

With this knowledge, my expertise in coaching and Wicca studies and my passion for chakras and connecting with the Divine Feminine – Sacred Empowerment Mentoring was born.

I now use my skills to help people change their lives for the better – physically, mentally and spiritually.

The work I do will guide you on an internal journey to access your strength, magic and the healing that exists within. By embodying the sacred temple that you are and recognizing the divinity inside, you will unlock your unlimited potential.

It is here that your soul will light up from the inside out, your energetic vibration will rise up to manifest your dreams and you will live unapologetically free.

And I invite you to RISE with me!

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Crawling and shattered to my core, I found Sacred Empowerment Mentoring with Parvati Victoria Goodwin. As scared and vulnerable as I was; Parvati Victoria immediately took me on a spiritual and physical healing journey. Going within to confront my fears and embrace my darkness was the most powerful work I have ever witnessed. Sacred Empowerment is beyond healing – it is life changing. Anyone that has ever doubted inner work needs to take a giant step forward and give themselves the gift of life; that Parvati-Victoria Goodwin and her Sacred Empowerment Mentoring will provide! Thank you again for sharing your passion, knowledge, and love. The universe definitely has our back.

♥ XOXOXO Nicholl

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